If there was one standard, high-yield formula that worked everywhere, every time, the needs of our seven-plus billion world population would already be met. The fact is, there is not A-B-C of practices or products that will work on every soil type and every environment. There is, however, a philosophy that can guide us as we discover the recipe that does work for your acres, and in your farming situation.

Answering your questions on your farm with your data.

Though the methods of FS Green Plan Solutions and On-Farm Discovery your North Wellington Co-op Crop Specialist can help you find your signature high-yield recipe.

By minimizing environmental impacts that keep yield down, and optimizing nitrogen availability, you can discover how to maximize your harvest yield. Always based on good agronomy, the discovery process follows protocols that will help you evaluate the results of an input or practice change, and put those changes into place. In this way, FS Green Plan Solution and On-Farm Discovery and your North Wellington Co-op Crop Specialist help answer your questions, on your fields, using your data through site-specific analysis and market information management.

North Wellington Co-op carries a full line of crop inputs for your farm. We offer access to products from all major crop protection companies, a wide variety of seeds and a team of staff to help you from planning to application.