Amalgamation Update as of November 2020:

The Directors of Huron Bay and North Wellington Co-operatives, are still planning on bringing forth a recommendation to combining the operations of the two co-ops through amalgamation. A member meeting to provide information and seek member approval was cancelled due to Covid 19.

Current plans are to reschedule a special member meeting for March 11, 2021. At this point the meeting would be virtual, via the Zoom platform. If conditions allow, we would also plan on streaming the meeting to a series of “town hall” type meetings, where smaller member groups could gather to view the meeting and participate in the vote. Details of the amalgamation remain unchanged and are as follows:

We have made some great progress in the past year, sharing staff, equipment and harmonizing many other aspects of the two companies to take advantage of further synergies in the future. Please feel free to reach out to your local directors or to Kelly Boyle, General Manager if you have any questions or for more information.

North Wellington Co-op By-Law Change

Please view the linked document for the amendment to North Wellington Co-op’s by-laws.