Our Board of Directors
As a member based co-operative, North Wellington Co-op is led by a 10 member board of directors elected directly by the members that own North Wellington Co-op. Members of the North Wellington Co-op Board of Directors participate in the overall direction and planning of North Wellington Co-op’s business and are committed to transparency, open communication, and ethical oversight.

Position: Name (Zone)
President: Tim Summers (Hanover/Durham)
First Vice President: Mike Oberle (at large)
Second Vice President and Secretary: Jeff Koehler (Mount Forest)

Director: Jack Shannon (Harriston)
Director: Jeff Koehler (Mount Forest)
Director: Ron Ross (at large)
Director: Shawn Helmuth (at large)
Director: Alan Simpson (at large)
Director: Norm Stewart (Mount Forest)
Director: Jon Eckhardt (Hanover/Durham)
Director: Eric Rae (Harriston)

General Manager: Kelly Boyle

To download a copy of our 2021 Annual Report click here.