Energy Customer Service Representative

Purpose and Summary Statement

The Customer Service Representative is responsible for ensuring that all incoming customer inquiries are handled in a professional manner and on a timely basis. The incumbent is also responsible for maintaining excellent customer relations, including procedures to effectively handle customer queries, complaints, requests for information, service related matters, and the overall positive customer experience. This position is also responsible for processing all Fuel Sales transactions.

Essential Job Functions

Ensures that all customer inquiries are handled by following customer handling protocol, in a timely fashion and to the satisfaction of both the customer and the Co-op by maintaining proper follow-up procedures.

Acts as a liaison between the customer and the appropriate field personnel (including contractors), to satisfy customer queries, complaints and requests for information.

Schedules service appointments for customers using the service scheduler and/or by communicating with the Energy Manager / Service Technician 2.

Provides customers with information regarding current and upcoming services and programs, and administers marketing programs and promotions relating to customer service.

Processes truck reports: on a daily basis in an accurate and timely manner, using multiple screens in the Fuel Management System (FMS). Investigates short/over litres on truck reports and explains reasons to get approval to process the report. Maintains Perpetual Inventory reports for both Petroleum trucks and Propane

trucks, Records product rebranding and prepares monthly reports for journal entry, for submission first business day following month end.

Purchase Orders: Receives fuel for Petroleum Trucks, Propane Trucks and Cardlock. Receives propane & Petroleum parts etc. Matches Growmark invoices with purchase order to make certain pricing and quantities are correct – if not, following up until resolved.

Cardlock: Enters dips on a daily basis and inventory reconciliation to that dip. Receives product in Kardpoll and Agtrax when fuel delivered to cardlock and invoices cardlock sales. Checks inventory throughout the month for cardlock. Invoices all NWC pickups at other locations. Prepares the Annual cardlock Letter. Processes IV21’s for all FSP, UPI or Lucknow, etc. pickups at Harriston cardlock. Reconciles inventory and provides explanations for balances. Create new cards as required and proper training of new customers related to cardlock use.

FMS: Adds new and updates customer files, tank files and asset files. Adds new and updates price agreements. Transfers asset files when properties have been sold. Maintains the tank rental listing in FMS and Excel. Performs degree day update daily. Places customers on hold in FMS as directed by the Credit Department. Creates required tickets at the end of each day for the next day’s deliveries.

Uses asset transfer, set up sheets, and inter office communications to report customers gained/lost on a monthly basis.

Max Price Contracts: Sells and administers maximum price contracts in FMS. Reports bulk fuel maximum price contracts to UPI for rebates monthly. Reports cardlock maximum price contracts to UPI monthly.

Pricing: Inputs petroleum costs on a daily basis, changes petroleum retail costs on a daily basis if required, inputs propane costs as price changes come in to effect.

Communications: Contacts customers as per Energy Manager’s request with regard to billing and installation inquiries or tank usage etc. Takes orders and communicates to drivers. Contacts drivers when pricing may be down to load the following day if possible. Contacts customers as per driver’s request. Discuses truck report issues with drivers. Trains new drivers with regard to truck reports, rebranding etc.

Final Fills: Responds to telephone calls from lawyer’s offices and customers for direction on final fills when properties are sold. Records forwarding address for existing customer and records at least the name of the new owners. If credit an issue, requests that lawyers pay for the final fill and past due amounts from the proceeds of the sale. Makes certain all pertinent information gets to the lawyers office for payment. Forwards all information to the Credit Supervisor.

Regulations: Maintains and arranges completion of all Regulations including: ELA, OPA, 213, 217, visual tank inspection, relief valve inspection, and AMP cleanings.

Understands and follows all Corporate, Legislative and Health & Safety and Environmental policies and procedures.

Other Job Functions

Follow the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) regulations for employees: use or wear any equipment, protective devices or clothing required by the employer; report any known workplace hazard to the employer or supervisor; report any known contravention of the Act or regulations to the employer or supervisor; not use or operate any equipment or work in a way that may endanger any worker. Interested employees are encouraged to attend Joint Health and Safety (JHSC) Meetings, serve on the executive and become certified workers. All employees are required to participate in the representative selection process and to complete inspections with a Certified Worker when requested.
Participate in NWC training which includes, but not limited to, the mandatory Ministry of Labour course, NWC Health & Safety Standards and Policies, and Accessibility Policies (AODA).
Performs other duties as assigned.


Ideally possesses 1-3 years customer service experience.
Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
Sound word processing skills.
Effective inter-personal communications skills.
Ability to multi-task and maintain a positive, professional manner under all conditions.

Working Conditions

Operates mostly within a normal, environmentally controlled office environment.
Sitting for long periods at a terminal or computer.