Over time and often unnoticed, diesel engines lose horsepower. Much of this loss is attributable to poor injector spray patterns caused by traditional carbonaceous deposits that clog injector tips and orifices or “sticky” deposits that interfere with the normal operation of the fuel injectors. In as little as 16 hours of operation, the detergency in Dieselex Gold starts cleaning up dirty injectors and improving combustion. Operators report noticeable differences, usually in terms of less shifting on hills or in terms of pulling equipment in higher gears.



While it is difficult to promise exact fuel efficiency improvements, we frequently hear reports between 5 – 8% with some documented records showing as high as a 20% improvement! After doing the math, that can equate to as much as a 200-400% return on the additional cost of buying Dieselex Gold compared to straight #2 diesel fuel. What else provides that level of return?



If restored power and greater fuel efficiency weren’t enough, Dieselex Gold contains chemistry to protect vital engine parts. By preventing premature plugging of filters, Dieselex Gold reduces maintenance costs and downtime during crucial operations. It also extends the life of costly, high-tech fuel pumps and injectors. Reduced maintenance, fewer repairs and less downtime lead to real cost savings over the long haul.

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Dieselex Gold Benefits Brochure