Tank Safety and Inspections

Allan Williamson, August, 2019

The Energy Division is very busy. A late spring has resulted in a busy June and July, a special thanks to our dedicated drivers for keeping up with the demand.
As summer progresses, we will be turning our focus to regulatory requirements such as petroleum tank inspection and propane 10 year inspections. These types of inspections can sometimes uncover deficiencies that require alterations or upgrades to bring your installation back up to code. If we uncover any deficiencies in your installation, one of our energy staff will reach out to you so that we can work together for a solution.
The completion of all of these inspections will take considerable time to complete. If you believe you have equipment that needs attention sooner rather than later, please contact us.
Common deficiencies that we find are related to fuel tank location and protection, so please review the requirements below. If you feel your tanks do not currently meet these requirements, please take some time to think about where they could be relocated in order to meet the regulatory requirements.

Diesel tanks must be 3 ft from a building, gasoline tanks must be 10 ft from a building.

All above ground fuel tanks have the following requirements:

Vehicle Protection should be as follows: