Home Heat
No one likes to be cold and we want to be the folks that put heat in your life. Count on us to heat your home with our quality furnace oil and propane products. At North Wellington Co-op, service can mean only one thing – exceeding your expectations by providing high quality energy products coupled with exceptional services that few can match. Our value-added services like our Annual Maintenance and Parts Plans does just that. Let us show you how we can add value to every energy dollar you spend!

Regardless of if you are using propane or furnace oil to heat your home, we have plans to help you avoid unexpected costs associated with your home heating service. Our Annual Maintenance and Parts Plans coupled with our Equal Billing Plan can smooth the road to avoid most unexpected bills.

Annual Maintenance Plan
For roughly the price of your annual furnace cleaning, the North Wellington Co-op Annual Maintenance Plan not only covers your furnace cleaning, but also provides you with access to 24-hour emergency burner service at regular rates.

If you would like added protection, you can also subscribe to our pay-one-price Parts Plan. For an additional fee, qualified customers can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that most parts will also be covered in the event of a breakdown.

Coverage extends through the current heating season and will renew automatically on August 31st of each year, at the prevailing rate, unless cancelled in writing by either party.

There are no hidden extras with the NWC Annual Maintenance Plan or the NWC Parts Plan – just one low fee to cover your expenses for a year.

By enrolling in the NWC Annual Maintenance Plan you will receive the following services:

Or, consider our NWC Parts Plan and you will get the benefits of the Annual Maintenance Plan, plus replacement of the following parts: fan belt, fan pulley, oil pump and coupling, burner fan, burner airgate, fan, fan motor (max 1/3 hp), fill pipe cap, oil gauge, fill pipe (above ground), vent pipe cap, vent pipe (above ground), transformer, standard heating thermostat, oil burner motor, firing assembly, airstat, cad cell, master control, combination fan and limit control, draft regulator, delayed oil valve.

Plan covers domestic residential units on;y. North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc. reserves the right to inspect the furnace before acceptance of this application for the plan. This agreement applies only to service due to normal wear and tear and does not apply to service for any other reason including fire, flood, act of god, tampering, or other extraordinary causes. Not covered under this plan are oil fired water heaters, oil storage tanks, oil lines, supports for oil tanks, and/or oil lines, humidifiers, heat exchangers, boiler circulating pumps and motors, hot water aquastat, or zone controls. Service calls required for any of the excluded items, to replace fuses, or to turn on switches are also not covered under this plan.

Enroll today by contacting the Energy Department in Harriston.


Equal Billing Plan
Our Equal Billing Plan offers interest free, predictable monthly payments. Reduce the impact of the high winter heating bills and register for our Equal Billing Plan today. Our Equal Billing Plan distributes your annual heating costs from September to June.

Your monthly payment is determined by estimating your annual cost for the upcoming year based on your fuel use from the prior year and current rates. We then spread that amount over 10 payments, interest free, due each month. Following the heating season, in June, any outstanding amounts must be paid in full. Customers in a credit position may choose to have their balance carried forward, or a cheque issued. Each August the cycle begins again and we review your fuel use from the previous year to determine your new monthly payments for the upcoming heating season.

Our Equal Billing Plan is available for propane and heating oils and an approved account application is required. A separate account will be created for other purchases, or they will be made by cash. Monthly payment amount will be determined by North Wellington Co-op and can be adjusted with notification at any time if usage varies too greatly from our estimate. Contract will be null and void if NSF payment is received, account will become COD and regular interest applied.

Enroll today by contacting the Energy or Credit Department in Harriston.